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Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction
Title: MAYBE SOMEDAY ,By : Colleen Hoover
Rank : 4 , Published On: 2014-04-06
ISBN: 9781476753171
Description: Sydney, a college student, is fascinated by her mysterious next-door neighbor, Ridge.

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Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction
Title: THE FIXED TRILOGY ,By : Laurelin Paige
Rank : 2 , Published On: 2014-04-06
Description: Collects “Fixed on You,” “Found in You” and “Forever With You,” the story of Alayna Wither and Hudson Pierce.

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Category : Combined Print & E-Book Fiction
Title: MISSING YOU ,By : Harlan Coben
Rank : 1 , Published On: 2014-04-06
ISBN: 9780698148635
Description: Kat Donovan, an N.Y.P.D. detective, searches for the ex-fiancé who left her years before; her father’s murderer; and the reason the users of an online dating site are disappearing.

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5 Points essentiels pour perdre du ventre, avoir un ventre plat, entrainement et exercices pour les abdosClick Image To Visit Site5 Points essentiels que vous DEVEZ absolument connaître si vous désirez vraiment perdre votre excédant de graisse sur le ventre et faire apparaître vos abdos.

1. Beaucoup de soi-disant "aliments diététiques" sont en fait de la malbouffe habilement déguisée ne faisant que stimuler la prise de plus de graisse au niveau de votre ventre. malheureusement les fabricants de produits alimentaires de régime continuent à vous arnaquer afin de maximiser leurs profits.
Read the rest of this entry »

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Diet For Bodybuilding

As you read through the articles, you will notice how much we emphasize that a proper diet and workout are key to building muscle. If you don’t follow the right diet, no matter how much weights you lift, you won’t be getting any lean muscle mass.

The word “diet” usually makes people think of starving and eating weird foods, but it’s actually nothing like that at all. You are already on a diet as you read! A diet is whatever food choice you make, if your diet today consisted of waffles and burgers, then that is your diet. The key is to taking a healthier road and fuel your body to build muscle faster.

3 Important Rules for a Bodybuilding Diet

1. Eat less more frequently, instead of 3 big meals eat 6 smaller meals each day.
2. Balance out your meals with 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% healthy fats.
3. Calorie intake should vary to keep your metabolism on its toes and burning fat.

So just to help give you an idea of what kind of diet you should be following to build muscle, here is an example of my personal Monday diet plan. I learned these diets from the e-book that taught and helped me get ripped: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

An Example of a Bodybuilding Diet

1st Meal (7am)
– 1 cup dry outs mixed with water
– 1 cup of egg beaters

2nd meal (9am)
– Protein Shake or Fruit Salad

3rd Meal (12pm)
– 1 cup Brown Rice or Baked Potato
– 2 cups Green Beans or Broccoli
– 8 ounces of chicken, turkey or fish

4th Meal (3pm)
– Same as 2nd Meal

5th Meal (6pm)
– 1 cup Brown Rice or Baked Potato
– 2 cups Green Beans or any other vegetable
– 8 ounces of chicken, turkey or fish

6th Meal
– Same as 2nd Meal

Ok now I know you might be thinking this is starving yourself to death, but give it a try.

Trust me, I thought the same thing at first but once you actually follow this diet plan step by step, you actually feel very stuffed when you eat 6 times a day.

Note: For recipes on protein shakes and protein bars, please visit Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

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Bodybuilding Supplements

If you are new to bodybuilding and you are seeing huge men in the gym looking fit and healthy while having large rippling muscles I am sure you are wondering what supplements are required to be like this.

Firstly a good diet and great training session is required but after this a supplement regime is also required to support all that eating and training. With so many supplements on the market and a huge amount of knowledge required to understand what is required it can be hard to know what to buy though.

There are many bodybuilding supplements on the market so which bodybuilding supplements should one take to support their muscle building needs?

Well the first and most important of the bodybuilding supplements has to be protein powders. These protein powders come in all flavours from vanilla to strawberry and chocolate. When training your body requires a lot more protein than normal so it can grow bigger and stronger and this is where protein powder comes in.

Many bodybuilders take protein powder once or twice a day on top of their meal regime so they can get the required protein intake they need on a daily basis.

Another important bodybuilding supplement is meal replacement powders as these can really help when you are busy and on the go so not getting the calorie and nutrition you need.

The meal replacement powders are similar to protein powders with the exception that they carry a lot of carbohydrates from sugar and a high calorie count so can literally replace a meal. It is important to note that this is just for exceptional circumstances for your three main meals but can be used regularly as a snack replacement.

Flaxseed oil is another must have supplement that many people neglect.

The reason is simple, you still need to take in your good fats while training but many forget this and try to cut fats out of their food plan. Flaxseed oil is full of the good fats (Omega-3 and Omega-6) your body needs so a daily flaxseed oil capsule can ensure your body gets the good fatty nutrients it needs.

Another product to talk of is protein bars. This little chocolate bars are an amazing way of ensuring that when you are hungry you will get your protein intake without having to take a blender with you everywhere you go. Protein bars are especially formulated to be low in calories while jammed packed with protein.

We could keep talking about other great products like Creatine, fish oil, mass gainer, Tribulus Terrestris and so much more. The most important note about taking supplements is to read about what they do and how they can support your training before buying them.

Looking to give the best info and bodybuilding supplements you can get.

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Plan of Fitness

Overweight and obesity has skyrocketed over the last several years at an alarming rate. This is one reason why we should all have some plan of fitness in our daily routine. Be healthy and fitness focused and get in better shape. Your plan of fitness doesn’t have to be a grueling one, but never the less, you should exercise and take vitamins daily.

Here’s why everyone should have and why it’s important to follow a good plan of fitness.

65% of U.S. adults are overweight and more than 30% have reached obesity.

If current obesity rates continue, 3 out of 4 U.S. adults will be overweight, with 41% listed as obese, by 2015.

An estimated 20% of all cancer deaths in the U.S. are linked to being overweight.

Obesity related heart disease kills 17 million annually.

Even being a few pounds overweight can put you at a greater risk for health challenges.

Those are scary numbers all the way across the board and are good reasons to have some kind of plan of fitness in our daily routine. Health should be the most important thing to all of us. Without good health, nothing else really matters.

A plan of fitness will help you feel better, lose weight, build muscle and boost your metabolism so that you have more energy to help you get through the day. S.M.A.R.T. is a good rule of thumb to follow when you set up your plan of fitness.

Specific: Avoid broad, overarching goals. Be precise in what it is you plan to achieve.

Measurable: Identify away to quantify your success.

Achievable: Do not set yourself up for failure by over-extending.

Realistic: Do an honest self evaluation to determine if you are capable of meeting your goal.

Time Bound: Set the amount of time you need to achieve your goal in a healthy way.

This is a great plan of fitness to follow. By following this plan of fitness, you can lose weight, build muscle, boost your metabolism and most importantly, feel good and be fit while becoming a healthier person.

Keeping fit used to mean buying an expensive membership to the gym, drinking terrible tasting protein drinks and taking numerous expensive vitamins and waiting weeks to see any real results. That is not the case any longer.

With the right plan of fitness and for less than 2 dollars a day, you can now lose weight, build muscle and boost your metabolism and get the results your looking for.

Exercise everyday and avoid being overweight and obesity.

Charlie has been a fitness guru for 30 years now. He has never seen a fitness plan like the one that ViSalus has laid out. It’s a 90-day fitness challenge that is extremely affordable and has been proven time again to work. While your getting fit during the 90-day challenge, you can win great prizes. Get more info on this exciting plan of fitness.

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Fitness Courses

The increasing concern for ensuring a healthy lifestyle has increased the popularity of Fitness Courses up and down the country in recent years. Now it seems every local town has a range of Fitness Courses suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and budgets. Fitness Courses can be a part of a healthy lifestyle and Fitness Courses can give your exercise regime a more focused, motivated and professional approach.

Indeed, choosing the most suitable of the vast number of Fitness Courses around is often the hardest choice. Fitness Courses can be based anywhere from outdoors to local gyms to community centres. Fitness Courses have cropped up in the most unexpected places but people around the nation have taken advantage of the range of Fitness Courses available.

What you will get from Fitness Courses that you would not be able to gain from your own exercise ideas and routines is professionalism and routine. Fitness Courses are managed and carried out by experts with qualifications and experience in running Fitness Courses that will benefit the service users. This kind of advice and expertise you simple will not get outside of Fitness Courses.

This rise in popularity of Fitness Courses means that the demand for trainers as risen and thus Fitness Courses are now being ran to give qualifications and knowledge to potential fitness instructors. Whether it be a gym trainer, personal fitness coach or any other fitness role there will be Fitness Courses to attend on which you gain the qualifications you need to change your career. Fitness Courses are ran privately, even being funded by local training providers with grants and also Fitness Courses are more frequent and popular.

Fitness Courses can be ran either in local gyms or perhaps even online with guidebooks, online lessons and tutorials that enable those studying Fitness Courses to work at their own pace and also make sure the Fitness Courses are the most suitable.

Fitness Courses can give you a career path as well as lead you to a healthier lifestyle and with the demand for Fitness Courses continuing to rise despite the recession, then seeking the range of Fitness Courses available to you sooner rather than layer makes perfect sense!

Get the body you want this summer by looking up a range of fitness courses to suit you.

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Cardio Fitness Now

Cardio Fitness

A 3 hp electric outboard boat will go faster with less that a large load of people are not unlike the hero. Stop watching TV if you can demonstrate, in particular, that “reality” Ophra or when it is good to have a lot of fattening snacks to watch the action. Learn more light cross training shoes. Find a favorite Hello Army store and compare a pair of $ 5 60 sports shoes that fit, if not spend $ 60 check following fiscal stimulus, if there is one for the poor in the near future.

Do not buy a spandex pants, unless you have a very nice lady, who lives west of Anchorage, Alaska, still be careful and do not use them until April 1. Remember that cardio-pulmonary fitness is about the heart and lungs to stop smoking immediately and leave the lungs back in a few years at least.

Chicago is an air pollution found in recent times, so if you live in may want to consider their protest demonstration against the anti-SUV at times, if you have a good political organizer. If the police tear gas roads blocking traffic stop foreign gasoline consumption and imports from other mask brings good look at the chemistry for the chemical wear disposable filter mask from a hardware store, it is important to keep those lungs healthy and it was reported that tear gas can cause problems for women of reproductive problems.

Yes, you can be more active, but are gradually, even the father of Dr. Kenneth Cooper Aerobics had to start at the point of passing through B and C. Getting a good health check to see if your heart has all the good parts in good condition before you start to win the world marathon record in Fairbanks.

You can switch between aerobic fitness expert initial guru relatively quickly become addicted to greater heart health, so I will review the outline of aspects of fitness, including the completion of the cycle When you’re struggling to find water and food along a deserted road in Texas, exhausted by the aging of the effort to follow Jones driving and mooning you at high speed with them their puffs cheese by hand from a new SUV.

Beyond the exhaust pipes and the area of ​​the rotating tire rubber particles as a threat to opponents seeking to block the airways and the streets of the city is a supportive environment with artifacts placid country health vestigial, the location of trees and wildlife in general, more interested in attacking you and the consumer. Escape when you can sweat in gyms and aerobics studios better designed to overcome the immune system healthy and visit the realm of reality the majority of human beings naturally have a healthy heart to start. The human race would have perished if the majority is not the healthy cardiopulmonary system. Maintaining a healthy heart is already a matter of avoiding bad food consumption that are harmful to the heart of young people to make regular exercise and active. When physical education teachers who made you run track or participate in team sports is a training program to be held along with the change of life.

Creatures throughout life begins with the nature of the hearts of his punches, even before birth. cardiac morphogenesis may be regulated by the primitive stem cells of the heart in a human embryo research continues. Maintaining a healthy heart after birth (the physiology of the mother is a substance in pre-natal heart health later, you should avoid drinking beer and smoking crystal meth and a good diet with exercise scheduled)

Walking briskly, and then learn to run. Wheel, and passion, when you go to play before the snow stops, making everything slippery. If this happens outside the snowshoes or cross-country shuffle and wear warm clothing suitable for winter. Note how the heart is good if you do not over do it, but to keep pace in order to monitor the flow of blood (like the ocean), intellectually, and perhaps think about God and the goodness of human beings.
Aerobic exercise has been said many side benefits such as improved cognitive function, reduce the development of cancer and so on. Life on Earth is in fact often die by the preponderance of geological eras of plenty of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the smaller the amount of oxygen. Five major mass extinctions of the planet is also the current one was going to hire atmospheric CO2 park levels.so Muslim fuel powered SUV to break the budget of the people and let the walkathon!

Besides staying away from fatty or salty foods (wring the fat browns breakfast at the fast food shop) and excess consumption of food is a problem for most people today, because they have many more money to buy food than they need, no need, because everything else is so expensive that housing and gasoline. Imagine paying more for fuel than food each day!

Heart of fitness for runners and cyclists and swimmers too prone to aquatically is the way to a much higher minimum standard set by the city proposing guidelines for doctors are people of good heart. Wild running five hours per day, as some American Indians in the past have been quite natural for a man at least. Riding a bike for ten hours can be a necessity for the unemployed and homeless, but harkens back to a time before the plane takes human life. If a good product and less mechanically social environment may be at the same time, it would be a world in which to live well

Place the target at a predetermined distance or a predetermined amount of time and do every day, no matter how much or how fast you go. heart health and function, durability and performance improves over time. In fact, one of age or lifestyle changes faster than the decrease of heart condition, once achieved.

Check the pulse at the wrist or throat from time to time against the clock (15 seconds 4 times) and drink plenty of fluids during hot weather. Increased heart rate remains the prize for a lower average heart rate at rest. As with the age of peak performance of the heart do not fall as fast yet for those who regularly maintain aerobic capacity. There marathon to 70 and 80 and now may be the decreased ability to repair the muscle that makes abandonment of certain cardio-setting exercises over 80 years, especially since the failure of running or swimming.

A guideline is the maximum heart rate = 220 minus age MaxHR. Aerobic exercise is about to get a large amount of oxygen in the heart and arteries due to breathing and use. For infants and children in the average heart rate is higher than for adults who have a break out of the ordinary between 60 and 100 beats per minute. People who are willing to train a lot you can get the resting heart rate as low as 30.

The heart is beating a pre-defined maximum pulse can be placed on a mechanical life of the pump has a limited capacity for use. People in modern societies and their hearts to clog the arteries a lot of fatty foods and other inappropriate materials, they also have a lot of breathing bad air and car exhaust and swallow the insults and other toxins from their bodies, making the his blood. Like the frogs, even humans cope with harmful chemicals through the skin. Within the framework of your heart health to take a healthy blood pump and use it regularly, but not the red line is too much for too long.

While driving from Amarillo Texas Southern in a steady headwind for days to 20 km / h plus I had the opportunity to experience and observe the effects of driving on a personal maximum heart rate during sustained hours in his fifties, I think it’s about 25 or 130 to 140 beats per minute after a while you start to feel a little sick and has to stop and rest. Heat stroke while driving with a maximum sustainable heart rate also contributes to a need to reduce the counts per minute and trafficking effort. It is through economies of quality cycling and weight that the experience leaves a buildup board does cardiovascular health without going to demolish it, sometimes, in theory, disastrous.

With a maximum heart rate of perhaps 165 or 170 (I got to 160 last summer) and maybe a little better performance if I work on it with a better diet and more should be possible to make pulse to calm down from the 38th current Good nutrition is very important to keep your heart rate at rest.

Cardio Fitness

Hi, My name is Kendra, I’m from Vancouver, BC. My interested involve reading, writing and taking care of my family. I enjoy writing articles and taking a walk through the park on a sunny day. I hope you enjoyed my article(s) and wish you the best of luck!


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Fitness Challenge

Fitness has come a long way over the years. Fitness and gaining muscle use to be this long drawn out regiment that took weeks and even months to see any results. But here lately, fitness has become a science. Whether you put fitness first or not, your going to love this. A fitness challenge that’s fun and affordable.

It used to be that fitness was joining a fitness center and paying huge fees to be a member along with taking expensive vitamins. Although some people still today are members of fitness centers, the numbers have declined because muscle and fitness can now be achieved through the right affordable protein shakes and vitamins. And people are buying fitness centers and exercising at home now.

With the right exercise and the proper protein shakes and vitamins, fitness can now be easier and more fun then ever before. No more spending your hard earned money for a membership at the gym or on expensive protein shakes and vitamins and then having to wait several weeks to see results.

There’s a new fitness first challenge sweeping the globe and it’s one of the fastest growing health phenomena in the world today. The fitness challenge is about people like us transforming our bodies over the next 90 days. Whether we have a certain weight we’d love to reach, want to live a more active lifestyle, build muscle, or are more fitness focused, The fitness challenge is to set a personal goal and make our health a priority for at least 90 days!

Take the fitness first challenge with family and friends and have fun doing it. When we go to the fitness center, we always want someone to go with us because it’s more fun. By taking the fitness first challenge, not only will it still be fun, but you’ll save a lot of money as well.

No more expensive memberships, protein shakes and vitamins. Now a fitness challenge is fun and affordable.

Great tasting affordable protein shakes and vitamins focus on what your looking for, whether it be to lose weight, build muscle, have a more active lifestyle or you just want to be more fitness focused, there’s protein shakes and vitamins for each.

Take the 90 day fitness first challenge with your friends and family and get ready for a new you. A fitness challenge that is fun and affordable and gets results.

Charlie took the 90 day fitness challenge with a couple of his friends to become more fitness focused and to build muscle. He started seeing results almost immediately. He is in is second month and is getting very close to the goals he set for himself. Body by Vi Muscle and fitness has never been easier or more fun.

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Spring fitness

When spring approaches and the weather gets nice, there’s nothing better than throwing on a pair of running shoes and getting some exercise outdoors. The only problem? Temperatures that are warmer than winter’s but still relatively cool make it easy to forget a very serious exercise-induced concern: Dehydration. Recent research shows that exercisers can actually lose more water in colder, spring-like weather than at any other time of the year.

How spring dehydration happens

When you work out, you typically get hot and begin to sweat. Sweating causes your nervous system to send a signal to the brain that says, “I’m about to get thirsty — hydrate me!” But in cold or cool weather, the brain doesn’t get that thirst signal in the same way. In fact, some people don’t get a signal at all; they are lax in replenishing their water stores and put themselves at risk for dehydration.

Signs and symptoms of serious dehydration

A good rule of thumb: If you notice two or more of these symptoms at the same time, especially after any outdoor activity, sip some water and contact your doctor immediately.

Dry, sticky mouth

Muscle weakness and extreme, sudden fatigue


Extreme thirst

Irritability and a sense of confusion

Lack of sweating

No urination (or urine that’s dark yellow in color)

Rapid heartbeat


Who’s at risk of becoming dehydrated in cooler weather?

Endurance athletes.

Because they work out so often, they’re already more likely to experience dehydration than others.

Coffee and tea drinkers. The more caffeinated beverages you drink, the more you’re going to have to urinate, and the more water your body loses.

Tips to avoid springtime dehydration

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Understanding why cold weather dehydration happens is the first step in preventing it. Here are a few more tips:

1. Drink lots of water. If you know you’re going to go outdoors to exercise or perform other physical activities, drink before, during and after your outing. And depending on your activity level, the typical eight glasses of water a day may not be enough. Talk to your doctor about how much water you should be drinking.

2. Try a sports drink. Most will help you restore your electrolyte balance after an intense workout. Try drinking one or two servings before and after exercise.

3. If you’re thirsty, stop working out. Your body will tell you when you’re thirsty or when you’ve been working out too hard. Learn to listen to your body and cut your activities short if you sense dehydration is looming.

4. Weigh yourself. Some super-endurance athletes weigh themselves before and after a workout to gauge how much fluid they’ve lost during an activity. If, when you weigh yourself, you’ve lost more than one pound, replenish your water stores, fast.

5. Eat water-rich foods. Drinking water isn’t the only way to get fluid into your system. You also can stay hydrated by eating water-based fruits and veggies, like watermelon and cucumber.

Regardless of the season or weather

Hair Removal tips for Girls

Beauty Tips in Urdu

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Yukon Fitness Review

Some fitness companies have come forward to help the people concerned about their health and fitness. Many people on this earth are concerned about fitness and better health at this moment. Everyone has a common idea about the people working there in this fitness sector. All the common people want to see and follow the professional in fitness sector closely and learn some secrets about health and hygiene from them. Yukon Fitness company is now one of the leading companies around the world now. They have brought a few bunches of excellent features for their consumers around the world. They have got a huge number of customers satisfied with their products and services at the same time. You do want something like Yukon Fitness for yourself. This company has got the challenge to prove that their products are the best available in the market.

Yukon Fitness is one of the best fitness companies out there. You might find a few thousands of companies like this one, but not all the companies will come up with exceptional guarantee works anyway. They will always tell you about a quality of service, but they might not be able to manage their product quality and offerings anyway. Thats why you will have to find a company out on whom you can depend on concerning the quality and offers associated with the services. You should read the researches out and learn from the organizations who are allowing the users to leave their opinions off. There might be a few thousands of people coming up with different opinions associated with different products. But, you will definitely be able to find out a good product if you carefully analyze them in these sites. This will help you to learn about the insights.

Yukon Fitness has come up with different types of fitness products. All these products fall under different category and sub-category. It becomes really difficult for someone to note a good company down. But, a company offering the good products only always wins the game. Thats why Yukon Fitness has become the top most company in this business sector. You can rely on their products and also their services for yourself. The rowing mills, treadmills and dumbbells from this company has become the high selling products. You should purchase the product along with the suitable mode of that. Also try to communicate with the people who have been using the same products for some time now.

Learn More about the Yukon Fitness on our Health Blog today.

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Muscle Building Plateau


Break Through Plateaus With Training – Part I

Whether the goal is to build muscle, strength, or to lose fat, plateaus (meaning that your gains have stopped) affect almost everyone.  However, if you know a few simple ways to vary your workouts, you can make progress a constant theme in your fitness program.  I’m going to give you a brief guide in busting through a few common fitness problems.

You’ve stopped gaining muscle or strength.

Usually, beginning weightlifters see fast gains when they first begin to train, but after they’ve done a weight lifting routine for a while, their muscles become accustomed to the exertion accompanied with that routine.  So, it’s important to mix it up.  I’ll share a couple of proven ways to reignite those gains.

Vary your rep range.

One way to accomplish this is to vary your rep range—the number of repetitions you complete (and how many sets you use) for each exercise.  When you switch up the number of sets and reps you’re doing, you shock your muscles into working harder, even though you may be doing the same number of total repetitions.

Let’s say you’ve stopped seeing muscle gains in your chest.  If you have always performed 3 sets of 10 repetitions on Bench Press, try doing 5 sets of 6 repetitions for a workout, with heavier weight.  The benefit of this is that it allows you to use a greater load, which is the amount of weight you’re lifting, while still completing the same number of total reps.

A general rule in weightlifting is that 4-6 reps is optimal for strength gains, 7-10 reps is optimal for size gains, and 10-15 reps is optimal for muscle endurance gains.

Also, note that sets and reps should be inversely related.  So, if you’re doing a set of 5 reps, you should do 3-5 sets, while a set of 15 reps may only require 1-2 sets.

Change the types of exercises you’re performing.

If varying rep range isn’t your problem, maybe your muscles are too adept at performing the types of exercises you’ve been choosing.  Our bodies are extremely efficient when it comes to adapting to a stimulus when the conditions are right, and this might be what’s stopping you from continued gains.

For example, let’s assume you only do Leg Press to work your lower body.  Eventually, your body will become used to performing the same type of movement, so you can change to the basic Barbell Squat to work your legs in a different way.  Even though it’s a similar movement, the weight being distributed at a different angle can spark new gains.

If you’ve stopped seeing muscle gains, these two methods are great ways to bust through a plateau.  I recommend both varying rep range and switching out exercises to ensure that you see continued muscle growth in your weight-training program, if that’s your goal.


Eric Flores is a college student who has achieved physical fitness and wants to share his knowledge of training and nutrition with others. Through years of trial and error, Eric Flores has become proficient in designing exercise and nutrition programs for all fitness goals; functional or aesthetic.

You can stay connected with my fitness ideas by going here: http://www.nextphasefitness.com/blog/

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Calf Muscle Development

In bodybuilding, calf exercises increase the bulk and definition of the upper back and sides of the lower legs. The leg press calf raise is an excellent movement for this purpose.


Ankle joint extension is vital in speed walking, running and jumping activities because it provides the final push in propelling the body forward or upward as needed. This includes jumping in volleyball and basketball, diving, ski jumping, ballet, the high jump and long jump. In running and speed walking, ankle joint extension can create up to 50% of the force needed to propel you forward for maximum speed. That’s why this action is important in sports such as track, soccer, tennis, lacrosse and other activities that involve sprinting.


More explosive sports may build calf muscle definition, but you won’t see an increase in calf muscle mass. If you’re looking for maximum mass development, bodybuilding is the answer.


Leg Press Calf Raise


Sit in an incline leg press machine with your glutes and lower back in firm contact with the seat pads.


Place the balls of your feet a comfortable width apart at the bottom edge of the resistance platform so that your heels are free to move.


Keep your toes pointed straight or slightly out.

Your legs should be straight or very slightly bent but never locked.


Grip the machine’s side handles to stabilize your upper body after you release the platform.


Inhale and hold your breath as you extend your feet at a slow to moderate rate of speed through an approximate 30 – 45 degree range of motion. Hold the fully extended position for 1 – 2 seconds to maximize the contraction.


Exhale as you return under control till you feel a slight stretch in your calves. Pause momentarily and then repeat.


To prevent your feet from slipping, wear shoes with good traction and be sure the surface of the resistance platform isn’t slippery. The balls of your feet should stay in firm contact at all times.


Workout Tips


For safety and to ensure an adequate range of motion, do this exercise slowly or at a moderate rate of speed. If you do the movement quickly, you may fully straighten your legs and lose contact with the resistance platform.


The calf raise on a leg press machine is best suited for development of strength and mass through a shortened range of motion. If you fully extend your feet, you’ll increase the possibility of your feet slipping off the platform. Limit your range of motion to ensure that your feet remain in contact at all times.


Avoid the exercise if the machine’s platform or the soles of your shoes are smooth. Your chances of slipping increases greatly and the potential for severe injury can be quite high.


Be sure to keep your legs straight during execution, but don’t lock or hyperextend your knees. This can be potentially dangerous, especially if your legs are slightly bowed when completely extended.


Hold your breath to stabilize your body and maximize your focus on ankle joint action. When you exhale on the return, control the movement at all times. Never completely relax as you could lose control of the platform.


Don’t lower the resistance platform too quickly or bounce in the bottom position. This increases your chance of injury and the possibility of your feet slipping off the platform.


Primary Muscles Involved


The gastrocnemius, a two headed muscle that crosses both the ankle and knee joints and thus has an action at each end, shapes the upper portion of the back of your lower leg. Each head is clearly visible when the muscle is well defined. The soleus is slightly wider than the gastrocnemius and lies mostly underneath it. When well developed, this muscle can be seen to the sides of and slightly below the gastrocnemius.


Collectively, the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles are known as the calf muscles or the triceps surae muscle group. At its upper end, the gastrocnemius attaches to the thigh bone (femur); at its upper end, the soleus attaches to the tibia and fibula. They combine into the Achilles tendon at the lower end to attach to the heel bone (calcaneus).


Muscle / Joint Actions


In ankle joint extension, your feet move away from your shins. The gastrocnemius is most powerful when your legs are straight; the soleus is equally powerful regardless of knee position. The straighter your legs and the greater the weight, the more you’ll work your gastrocnemius.

Sandra Prior runs her own bodybuilding website at http://bodybuild.rr.nu.

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Gain Muscle Mass Fast

If you’re serious and you’re ready to gain muscle mass fast and naturally, then you need to develop a real idea of how the muscle building process works.  There are many guys who desperately want to bulk up, not many of them have invested the time to really develop a plan for what they are trying to do.  For every person I see who has things organized in the gym and with their muscle building diet plan, I see a few thousand who seem to aimlessly wander their way through their workouts.  The bottom line is that if you really want to build some new muscle mass easily, then you need to have an organized program to lean on.

Next, I’m going to uncover the things that are critical when it comes to packing on muscle mass and teach you how to create a simple plan for building muscle mass naturally. If you really want to gain muscle mass naturally, then all you need to do is commit creating your own customized muscle building program based around the tips below.

The very first step in creating a muscle building program is to sit down and think through your dedication to the process as a whole.  While every guy I run across will say that they seriously want to gain muscle mass, very few of them are actually willing to put in the hard work to make it happen. Before you start to think about hitting the gym, you need to know exactly how many workout sessions each week you can make it a habit to get into the gym, how much time you can set aside to be there for each visit, and whether or not you can get really focused about a muscle gain diet outline of some sort.  While these things seem like their pretty simple and straightforward, they are the exact same things that most people don’t even consider before they get started with their muscle gaining plans.

After you have a very good idea of your commitment level to the whole muscle building process, all you’ve got to do is create a program structure and nutrition blueprint that falls in line with the time that you can set aside each week.  For a lot of guys this means that they can hit the gym 4 –5 days every week without an issue, while other guys just can’t make it to the gym more than 1 or 3 times a week.

Please don’t spend too much time thinking about the actual number of training sessions that you can get in, focus on how much muscle building work you are getting done every time you walk into the gym and you’ll get less discouraged as you move through your work out routine. At a minimum, I’d recommend setting aside at least 2 –3 training sessions each week.

After you’ve got your training strategy all lined out, you need to start thinking about your bodybuilding nutrition strategy. This is one of the most important things to think about if you really want to gain muscle mass. One of the things that I teach people who are trying to build muscle is that you’ve got to be able to focus on some type of nutrition structure for at least 5 out of every 7 days each week. Anything less than 5 out of 7 days, and you risk not being able to flood your body with enough nutrients to build muscle mass.

In order to gain muscle as fast as possible, I recommend that you sit down and think things through before you go out and grind thorough any type of workout. Not only will you have a better understanding of how the body building process fits together, and you’ll be in a much better position to maintain your new muscle tissue well into the future.

If you want to gain muscle mass quickly and naturally, then you need to have a good plan of attack. Find out how you can build muscle mass in less time than you ever thought possible starting today.

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Bodybuilding Revealed

As hard as it may be to believe, you happen to be a member of the fat nation. The new mantra happens to be ‘fast food’ with oodles of grease and whatnot thrown in for good measure. Is it any wonder that we are labeled the obese nation? Anyway, losing weight by the ton no longer seems to be impossible or improbable, especially if you set stock by what some of the diet programs put out online. The problem is a case of ‘too many cooks’ and you are left wondering if it is the real McCoy or something else altogether. I’m sure that you are familiar with the varieties of diet regimes in existence today, you have the veggie diet, no meat diet, liquid diet and of course, lets not forget the no sustenance diet.

Apart from worrying endlessly on what kind of diet to opt for, you will have to select the one that proves to be a right fit. For example, lets say that you decide to select a particular fitness program. The one comes with a lose it all in 15 day program sheet, but ends up with you looking like a coat hanger on wheels. As attractive as the coat hanger option may seem, believe me, the health impact of this particular diet regime on your body will be long term. Any diet that advocates fasting for the sake of beauty is detrimental to your health. When selecting a diet program, you need to opt for a package that provides you the best deal, on both health and the obesity aspects.

Losing the fat may be hard but harder still, is to develop a lean body mass without extending yourself in certain areas of your body, namely your caboose. You will need to opt for a program that leaves you looking slim without any unnecessary baggage to cart about. Fitness is not going to come easy as it will require some effort on your part, so be prepared to sweat it out.

You may want to check out bodybuilding revealed, as it does provide some helpful tips, pointers on the diet front as well as on how to acquire the perfect lean physique.

Personally, I am not yet in the ‘lean physique’ zone but getting closer day by day. I have to say that this product seems to provide complete content, as it provides a unique take on nutrition, diet supplements, workouts, cardio workouts and importantly, on the motivation factor. Bodybuilding revealed manages to list out the things you can eat, things to avoid altogether and the food items you shouldn’t even think about. Well, you may find this product to be better especially as it does not involve you going into a complete fast.

The workout section as well as the cardio section is listed out here in detail. This product provides quite a few techniques to help you maximize your gains from the workout sessions. Better yet, you should be able to test run this product for a period of 21 days. So, if you are looking for new ways to keep fit while going on diet at the same time, you may want to take a second look at this product.

Reuben Wallis, provides another review with his usual flair and this time its on bodybuilding revealed. For more details and more reviews, you may want to head over to bodybuilding revealed.

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Female Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Does Not Make Women’s Features Masculine

There is a widespread perception that doing weights make women develop big muscles which makes them look bulky. The perception has grown from seeing photographs of women bodybuilders which appear on various fitness magazines. But such figures are not natural. As unfortunate as it may be, most of the professional woman bodybuilders use muscle growth inducing drugs such as anabolic steroids. But, generally speaking, women bodybuilders will never gain huge bulky muscles as men do simply because the way their body is composed. Women’s bodies do not produce as much testosterone as men’s bodies do. Testosterone is a key muscle building hormone, and since women lack that they have very little chance to bulk up and have bulging muscles. If you are training with weights and staying away from the anabolic steroids then you are going to develop a lean body without any excess flab.

Weight Training Does Not Lead to Stiffness

Another common misconception is that if women do a lot of fitness training and weights, their body becomes uptight and stiff. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact it is the opposite that happens. Provided your workout routine is fine and you are doing your exercises properly you should gain more flexibility with your body. Those who never exercise may feel that the developed muscles can be a hindrance to the movement. But that is simply not true. Exercises such as chin ups, dumbbell presses and flyes actually help you to stretch and be more flexible.

Muscles Don’t Get Converted Into Fat

Some people hold the belief that once you stop the weight training all the muscles that you had developed will get converted into fat. This is just not possible physiologically. What actually may happen is that once you drop out of your routine, your physical activity comes down. This would result in the reduction of your muscle mass. At the same time once you are out of the routine, your eating habits deteriorate and soon you start having more fat than your body requires. Decreased rate of metabolism combined with bad eating habits lead to more fat and less muscles. But it is not that your muscles get converted into fat.

Cardio Vascular Exercises Are Not Enough

Cardio vascular training will help you to burn up the stored muscles and fats in your body. So they are very good exercises if you are aiming to reduce weight. However, the idea that women should only undertake cardio vascular exercises and should not do weights does not make sense. The purpose of doing weights is completely different. It helps you to tone your body and develop the muscles properly. It is one thing to have body without any flab, but it is completely different to have a body that is well toned and properly defined.

Weights Should Not Be Too Light

Being a female bodybuilder does not mean that you will do very light weights. The purpose of doing weights is to create a resistance for the muscles so that they try hard to overcome that resistance. In the process the muscles grow and get stronger. If the weight is too light and does not offer any resistance, then the whole exercise is pointless.

You Will Have To Control Your Diet

One more misconception about female bodybuilding is that once you are doing the weights there is no longer the need to keep an eye on the diet chart. But you must remember that you have to cycle whatever you are eating, as otherwise if your metabolic rate is unable to keep up with the calories you intake the excess calories will get stored as fat. There is also a limit to how much you can exercise. Going overboard can cause injuries. And it is also to be understood that all of your exercise should not be spent on reducing your weight but should also help you in building your muscles.

To know more, please visit – female bodybuilding

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Building Muscle Tone
All of us want to look healthy and a very important element of this appearance is a muscular and well defined body. Some of us fail to realize that building muscle definition is not really difficult, and all that is needed is some effort. All you have to do is figure out the appropriate work outs to stimulate the cardiovascular system supplemented by proper diet and plenty of rest. This will not just improve the look of your muscle tissue but also provide you with a great deal of energy and confidence. As with any system of training, you should be familiar with what to do and what not to do however, once you get a system down, the results will surely follow.

The first requisite of improving muscle tone is to exercise often and efficiently. Devoid of physical activity, muscles do not get a workout and there is no question of building muscle definition. If you wish to build this tone quickly, the only way to do so is to go to the gym on a regular basis and weight train. Weights increase your overall muscle tone quickly and also have the advantage that you can concentrate on particular areas of the body. In addition, you will have to regularly undertake physical activities such as running, speed walking, cycling or playing a sport like tennis.

The routine of exercise that you follow is essential and, if you are short on time, you should try and work out two different groups of muscles simultaneously. You should also try and rotate these different muscle groups on a normal basis so that every group gets the best workout. If you are using the gym, keep in mind that heavy weights are only needed if you want to add muscle mass. If you are looking to just tone your muscles, then lifting lighter weights at an increased frequency will be most beneficial.

The significance of proper diet and rest can’t be over exaggerated. Concentrate how much protein you consume and decrease the fats that you consume by eating more white protein or lean protein. Supplement your protein intake with protein shakes especially after a workout. Drink lots of water and unsweetened fruit juice. Also don’t forget to get enough rest because the body must recover or else you will feel constantly fatigued.

For more info about personal trainer education available for fitness trainers, give some thought to visiting NPTI Colorado. Their personnel are knowledgeable and this personal fitness trainer school is fully able to aid you with your schooling while offering you the greatest chance to achieve a number of personal fitness trainer certifications. In addition, you may try visiting this web page if you have an interest in personal trainer school.

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Bodybuilding Tips

As you embark on the strictest of routine for bodybuilding, you have to realize that your body will be going through a lot of strain. So you must allow it to have enough nutrients to keep going. Have regular meals throughout the day. Eat at least 6 meals a day. However, never overeat. And it is to stop you from gorging that we are suggesting you to have a number of meals so that you never go hungry. With the food, also have plenty of water everyday. Workouts involve a lot of sweating so to keep your body hydrated drink anything between four and five liters of water everyday.

Check your Gym

Before you enroll for a gym try to find out if they have all the facilities on offer which you are looking for or not. And apart from the facilities, what you will also need is a qualified trainer who can guide you through the entire process of bodybuilding. Although many of us do not lay that much stress on this and just go to the nearest gym, it is something you should never ignore if you are truly keen on bodybuilding. You will be investing a lot on your membership fee, so you should not compromise. The other thing you must do before joining the gym is to consult your personal physician to make sure your body will be able to withstand the workout you are planning to undertake.

Figure Out a Routine

Once you have joined the gym, the next thing you will need to do is to figure out which are the exercises that work the best for you. While your trainer at the gym will be the best person to help you out, you can also help yourself by reading up on the topic. A huge amount of writing could be found on the Internet. However, you should make sure that you are referring to the proper articles, as on the net you can also get a lot of trash.

Once you know the routine, you will have to single-mindedly pursue that routine. Give the best you have, maybe a bit more. However, you must remember a few of things. First of all, do plenty of stretches and warm up your body so that all the muscles are loose and in the right condition to undertake more rigorous challenges. Secondly, ensure that you have the right posture while performing the exercises. Thirdly, you should not push your body excessively as it might lead to breakdown.

Allow the Body to Rest

In your routine you should allow at least one off day every week so that your body has enough time to recuperate. Since bodybuilding involves a lot of strain on your muscles, there can be minor wear and tear over the week of exercise and this rest day allows the body the time to fix such issues. Also when you are planning the workout routine with your trainer do not suggest that you want to improve only your biceps or abs. Remember that the best of bodybuilders give equal importance to all the parts of their body. The other thing that you can do is to add variety to your training routine. This will kill boredom and you will be able to stay focused.

Be Mindful of Your Eating Habits

While lot of exercise and careful eating habits will greatly improve your features, for many bodybuilders a major issue becomes gaining body mass without gaining extra fat. The solution is to add proper supplements to your regular diet. That way you can gain body mass quickly and help develop your muscles in a shorter span of time.

To know more, please visit – Bodybuilding Tips

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