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The Best Age for Sex: Have You Peaked? – Alpha Male Tribe


If you’re past your 30th birthday, the following might be some bad news: Men have the most sex between the ages of 25 and 29, says a new study in the J.

Sex and Intimacy in Later Life | Age Smart


Sex and Intimacy in Later Life. Hello, Cliff here: You probably think you know a lot about sexuality in old age. Here’s the list of what I think you think you know: People lose interest in sex as they age. Men have less frequent and less rigid erections. …. I think the best way in which to conceive of sexual intimacy and sexuality in later life is from multiple perspectives including not only the physical dimension but the psychological, emotional, and social dimensions as well.

Best Age to Enjoy Sex | mediapressdaily


Many say, “male sexual interest is not no loss of life.” However, the primary sex-related life was only happens when a man older between 25-29 decades age variety. This prime is also known as the sex-related primary age.

How To Maintain A Healthy Sex Life As You Age. – Viral Nova


It may seem old fashioned, especially considering all of the things you have probably been through together, but sometimes it is best to revisit the old favorite. Nothing spices up the romance quite like a good old fashioned …

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Is She Too Kinky for You?Maybe she moves at a faster speed in the sack. Maybe she draws from a wealth of sex experience, while you’re relatively wet behind the ears. Maybe she’s got a drawer full of sex toys, lubes, Karma Sutra handbooks, and whips and chains . . . and all that’s in yours is a couple of condoms. When you’re dating the female Wilt Chamberlain, how can you play on the same court?

So, she’s kinky. Is that a bad thing?

Not necessarily. If the things that get her going are beyond your expertise, but still within your arsenal, then you’re fine. “It can actually be a great way for those of us who are more vanilla to break out of our shells and experiment with something new,” says Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., a clinical sexologist.

That said, there needs to be a degree of sexual compatibility. “There are many behaviors that you might not be open to doing—and that’s okay, too,” says Van Kirk. If you’re on two entirely different wavelengths, then it might not work. But your partner “should have enough sensitivity to work you into these behaviors, as well as be okay with some hard and fast boundaries.” The takeaway: Listen to what turns her on with a non-judgmental ear, even if freaks you out. It will foster bonding and make you feel closer to each other.

How can you catch up to her speed—or dial her down to yours?

It’s all about the give and take. “Open up a dialogue about what really turns the both of you on,” recommends Van Kirk, “but don’t do it while you’re in the middle of having sex!” This is the kind of conversation that you ought to save for outside of the bedroom, where you can be up front and honest about what you’re willing to try.

When you ask about her preferences, be specific. If she says she likes bondage, you’ll want to know: Is she into being tied up with handcuffs or handkerchiefs?  “Lots of people think of BDSM as all whips and chains, but in actuality, there’s a whole spectrum of behaviors, from mild spanking to light bondage with silk ties,” says Van Kirk. The same goes for other types of kinky behaviors: What you assume she likes isn’t necessarily the case, so collect all the details.

Let’s say she suggests something risqué in bed. How do you counter?

It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive when you initially try out something new with her—hell, remember how nervous you were the first time you had plain, old missionary sex? But try to keep an open mind and ask yourself: “Would trying this titillate me, even a little?” Van Kirk says that “most men don’t know what they’re missing. I always suggest trying something new.” And if you hate it? No problem. Just make sure to communicate what turned you off about the situation and if you can negotiate her desires with yours. There’s a chance that if your ideas of great sex are on entirely different planets, her kinkiness could be a deal breaker. But there’s an even better chance you’ll find a way to expand your sex life together.


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3 Things You Should Never Say After Sex

Women love a little post-romp chatter, but you better watch what you say.You’re ready to snooze; she’s ready to schmooze—yet according to research from the University of Connecticut, the brain may be to blame for this post-orgasmic disconnect.

Oxytocin—also known as the cuddle hormone—is released in the brain during climax and creates the desire to connect with your partner, says lead study author Amanda Denes, Ph.D.

Yet testosterone is believed to dampen the effects of oxytocin, according to the study. So while her brain is buzzing from “O” and prompting her to open up, your system is slowly slipping into sleep-mode.

If you happen to muster the energy to partake in pillow talk, keep the feel-good vibe alive by avoiding these three mood-killing statements:
1. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had!”

Sure, you may mean well, but comparing her to past partners immediately after she’s just done the deed with you can be a buzz kill. Instead, compliment her on something specific that just happened between the two of you, says Denes. Couldn’t take your eyes off her breasts when she was on top? Can’t get over how good she tastes? Let her in on the secret.
2. “That took longer than usual. You okay?”

Women tend to feel particularly vulnerable post-sex, so critiques on her appearance or performance could be really hurtful, says Denes. Instead, rave about her physique, or how sexy she looks post-romp, says Ginger Bercaw, sex therapist and author of The Couple’s Guide to Intimacy. Better yet, let her know that there’s no place else you’d rather be.
3. “How many times did you get off?”

Asking this makes it seem like you’re fishing for compliments on your performance, warns Bercaw. If you really are interested in a review, ask in a more productive way, suggests Jenn Berman, host of VH1’s Couple’s Therapy. For example: “Tell me two things you did like and two things you didn’t like.” That way you can get a genuine reaction to how she’s feeling.

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Men want to get an instant erection with the fondness or friendly touch of a female. An instant erection comes with men are sexually fit and they have enough blood supply to their penis. A very simple formula that can help every man get an instant erection whenever they want is that anything that is good for heart is good for penis. Our heart pumps blood and sends it to various parts of body. When there is enough supply of blood to the penile area the erection is hard and instant. Below are a few tips that can keep men sexually fit and they can enjoy rock hard erections naturally:

Eat Wisely For Your Erection: Though our penis has a head Read the rest of this entry »

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Rise above the dick-pic, man.
10 Things That Are Hotter Than Sexting

Close the camera: Women aren’t as keen on your sexts as you think they are, finds research from Indiana University-Purdue University of Fort Wayne.

Among the 93 women included in the study, a majority admitted to engaging in consensual sexting even though they weren’t feeling it. Their justification: wanting to fulfill their partner’s needs and be flirtatious.

Unless you’re in a long-distance relationship—a situation that necessitates a little digital foreplay—you’re better off leaving the crotch-shots to the Anthony Wieners of the world.

Instead, 10 ways to keep things hot—without resorting to your iPhone.

Master the art of the quickie

For one week, agree that one of you can grab the other at any time for sex, and the grab-ee has to go along with it. Not only will it make sex more exciting, you’ll become more aware of your partner’s desires—the when, where, and how of her sexual inclinations, says Guy Blews, author of Realistic Relationships.

Lust up your love notes

Write out a series of suggestive notes and leave them places you’ll know she’ll find them—like the bathroom mirror or her lingerie drawer, advises Sadie Allison, Ph.D., author of Tickle My Tush: Mild-to-Wild Analplay Adventures for Everybooty.

Start out tame and complimentary—“I can’t get over how stunning you look in the morning”—and amp up the heat with each note. Cap off your paper trail with a message in her purse explaining exactly what you’ll do to her when she gets home from work.

Tease, don’t please

Agree to engage in 20 minutes of foreplay every day for a week, with the only rule being that you can’t have sex, Allison recommends. People want what they can’t have. So making intercourse off-limits will crank up the desire. If you break the rule, well that’s not really a loss, is it?

Go beyond missionary

For 1 month, agree to test out at least one new sex position each week, says Allison. The twist: Use your imagination—not the Internet—to discover new ways to utilize your flexibility. “Since your brain is one big muscle, exercising it regularly with new techniques will keep it healthy and strong,” Allison notes.

Uncover her fantasies

Split a bottle of your favorite wine and try to hold each other’s gaze. The first person who blinks or laughs first has to share a naughty fantasy, Allison explains. The vino will take the edge off, but the nature of the game will make sharing less intimidating.

Act out a fantasy

Role playing can help your partner feel free under the covers, because she can put herself in a different mindset, says Scott Haltzman, M.D., an assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown University. If you’re just starting out, arrange to bump into each other at a bar outfitted in ways you wouldn’t normally dress, recommends Karen Sherman, Ph.D., author ofMarriage Magic! Find It, Keep It, Make It Last. “This adds intrigue and novelty,” Sherman assures.

Lock lips more often

Deep, tender, passionate kissing is one of the first things that couples abandon—but it’s one of the best ways to make her hot, says Blews. Grab her in the kitchen while you’re preparing dinner, or the moment she walks in from work. She’ll probably be expecting a peck, but she’ll be pleasantly surprised when you don’t let her go after the initial lip lock, he adds.

Get her wet

Having a loved one lather you up is not only erotic, it taps into deep-seated sensations of being cared for, says Allison. Soap her up, shampoo her hair, and run your hands all over her body. By the time you’ve finished rinsing off the suds, both of you will be ready to take it to the bedroom.

Embrace the element of surprise

“Sometimes it’s the little things that leave the biggest impression on your lady,” says Allison. Slip something fun into her lingerie drawer—a few new pairs of sexy underwear or a couples sex toy she’s wanted to test out. “You’ll be surprised how quickly she’ll want to pay back your thoughtfulness—in other ways,” says Allison.

Explore new territory

Caressing her body may be among the fastest ways to turn her on, but long-term couples tend to skip directly to their tried-and-true gropes, says Blews. Mix it up by slowing things down. Before you kiss her, gently caress her cheeks, ears, and temples with the pads of your fingers. Or instead of going straight for her clitoris during oral sex, warm her up by slowly by kissing and licking little sections of her inner thighs.

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Are You Single Because You’re Just Not Getting Noticed?Do you ever feel like the invisible man, only, y’know, without all the bandages and the decidedly old-fashioned raincoat? Yes, us too. After all, whether we’re talking about friends, colleagues or members of the fairer sex, we all like to get a little attention from time to time. But it’s not always that easy to get noticed, so what can the average guy do to stand out from the crowd? Join us as we consult the experts to find out how to attract attention from the opposite sex.

Why Is Getting Noticed Important?
If you want to make yourself a success, you’re going to have to stand out from the crowd once in a while. Sure, being part of the herd feels safe, but you’re going to have to stick your neck out to get anywhere in life. Of course that’s easier said than done. Statistics from Match.com’s Annual Survey of Canadian Singles shows that 68% of men questioned would describe themselves as ‘introverted’ — hardly the greatest starting point for meeting women. But confidence breeds confidence, and if men want to attract more women, then they’re going to have to do something about it.

“Most men feel under appreciated both at work and at home,” says relationship expert Nicole McCance. “They crave acknowledgement. They want to feel important, that they are doing a good job and that they are needed. It boils down to the survival of the fittest; men want to be the guy in the room that everyone is looking at.”

“Attention is like an ego-boosting currency,” says pick-up artist Angel Donovan from Dating Skills Review. “It nurtures and supports the ego and self esteem of those who get good measures of it. It can make them feel and act more confident.”

How To Get Noticed More
“One of the keys to getting noticed is to exude confidence. Men tend to gravitate towards confident women and it’s not very different the other way around.” says Kimberly Moffit, Match.com’s Canadian relationship insider. “Simple changes in body language, like standing up straight, uncrossing your arms and making eye contact will make a man appear more confident and approachable.”

“Smile!” advises Nicole McCance. “You also won’t get noticed if you are hiding in the crowd. Put down your phone, and notice the people around you. Start making eye contact. Approaching a woman is the best way for her to notice you. There are so many wonderful men who are going home single because they didn’t take the plunge and smile, walk up to a woman and introduce themselves.”

Making the first move should be a no-brainer for any man. After all, how’s anyone going to notice you if you don’t take the plunge? But it’s not all about the size of your social cojones; there are other things you can do to help you stand out. Sprucing yourself up is certainly one of them. Research from Match.com shows that poor hygiene is the biggest turnoff for 74% of women, whilst a whopping 85% point to style as an important trait in a mate. That doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy an expensive suit, however. In fact, the same survey showed that women preferred the casual look (57%). But whether you’re dressed to the nines or wearing some jeans and a T-shirt, it’s clear that first impressions count; indeed, 46% of Canadian women say that they know within 15 minutes if they are going to like a guy.

It’s not all about how you look, however; how you act is important too. “Fun attracts attention,” states Angel Donovan. “So forget about trying to get noticed and remember that the more fun you have, the more you get noticed.” Kimberly Moffit advises men to let go and try to be themselves. “Be authentic,” she says. “Let your personality shine. Women will pick up on your sincerity and want to get to know you.”

The key, it seems, is to be yourself; just to do it a little better than normal. With that in mind, focus on the things that make you you. Talk passionately about the subjects that interest you, put extra effort into the things that you enjoy and take time to appreciate others who respond positively to you. Pretending you’re something that you’re not might work in the short term, but at the end of the day, if you’re going to get noticed, it will be on the strength of your own personality.

It all sounds simple, of course, but caught like a rabbit in the headlights, most men have done something they regret in an attempt to attract attention. More often than not, this involves putting on an act, whether it’s bragging a little too loudly, playing up to the crowd or attempting to spout pre-rehearsed pick-up lines in the direction of the object of your affection.

But whilst putting on an act may help you to attract attention, it won’t necessarily be for the reasons you’d hoped for. “The loud obnoxious guy might get noticed, but it might be for the wrong reasons,” says Nicole McCance. Angel Donovan agrees. “The problem is that women see through these efforts, and also intuitively get that the man behind them doesn’t have the confidence to stand out. So it has the opposite effect of the intended, and the women are less interested.”

It’s Not Just Women
The art of standing out doesn’t just apply to Saturday nights at the bar. Whether at work, among your friends or even on a sports team, recognition has its benefits in just about any arena. Whilst we’ve focused on what men can do to attract women, many of the tips from our experts are also applicable to other areas of your life.

Start investing in yourself, improving your life,” advises Angel. “You’ll gain confidence and get noticed at the same time.” Nicole agrees. “Speak up, let people know what you think. Ask questions; people love talking about themselves, so they will love you because you are asking about them.” But above all, she advises men to “Be yourself. Doing less is sometimes more, don’t try so hard to get noticed. People pick up on that. They don’t like to be interrupted or pushed over. Become interested in others, and they will find you more interesting.”

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Men, have you been feeling on the down side lately? Do you feel a certain lack of confidence, energy, vitality but can’t really pinpoint why???

The issue? You might be experiencing a decrease in your testosterone levels.

Are you aware that as you age your testosterone levels decrease? The fact of the matter is that low testosterone can play an unexpected  role in many of those symptoms you might be experiencing. Symptoms that include: depression.

Half a century ago, testosterone therapy was a common treatment for depression in males but when antidepressants were introduced, doctors ignored the option in favor of the new drugs. In the last decade or so, new research has been slowly showing that they maybe shouldn’t have been so quick to set aside testosterone therapy as there may be a strong link between depression and low testosterone.

Here’s a quick look at the relationship between depression and low testosterone:

In Older Men

A study conducted by the University of Western Australia and published in 2008 looked at 3,987 men that were over age 70 and tested them for depression and testosterone levels. They found that around 200 of these men were depressed and a large number of these depressed men had low levels of free testosterone and total testosterone. In fact, men with levels in the lowest 20% had three times the chance of being depressed than those with levels in the highest 20%. Although the researchers found a link between low testosterone levels and depression, they said that more research is necessary to completely understand the relationship.

Men Who Don’t Respond To Antidepressants

Another study published in 2003, that took place at McLean Hospital in Harvard Medical School, was a small scale study that looked at testosterone as a possible treatment for men with depression. This study specifically looked at men who had already been diagnosed with depression but did not respond to conventional treatment methods such as antidepressants.

The first interesting thing they noticed was that almost half the men in their study, all of which did not respond to antidepressants, had borderline low or low testosterone levels. They then gave half the men testosterone and the other half a placebo for eight weeks while everyone continued taking their antidepressants. Interestingly enough, around a third of those who received testosterone showed significant improvements while the rest showed no improvement or only some. They pointed out that more research needs to be done to discover why the treatment worked for some men but not for others.

The Rest Of Men

So we know that low levels of testosterone are associated with depression in both older men and those who don’t respond to conventional depression treatments like antidepressants, but what about the rest of men?

 In 2009, about half the men in a study who hadn’t been diagnosed with depression but had been feeling down responded well to treatment and these men were in their 40s or 50s and suffering from a midlife crisis.

The link between depression and low testosterone levels can be found in several different age groups. The combination of research mentioned above as well as other studies is the why you will almost always find depression on the list of symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. 

What To Do?

If you indeed have low levels of testosterone you might be experiencing other symptoms such as losing muscle mass and changes in your cholesterol levels. So, what to do? BEWARE OF BOOSTING TESTOSTERONE! The bad news is that there is a dangerous trend that might be robbing you of the vitality and energy you could and should have. Find out what is truly causing your male vitality to decrease and how to boost your male vitality. Watch this amazing video that will change your life! You will thank us later!

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It’s Time You Learned The Real Reason She Turned You Down.


Why Women Reject Men



After finally working up the nerve to ask a woman out, the moment arrives and there is nothing left to do but make a move. You initiate conversation, make small talk, play it the way you feel it should be played and put it out there for her to accept or reject.


And then, as fast as it began, the interaction is over in the blink of an eye. The final result is polite rejection.


While it’s a natural reaction to take the brush-off personally, there are often other issues that kept her from committing to a cup of coffee or dinner and a movie. The rejection isn’t always personal and might be for reasons beyond your control. In these situations, it could have everything, or nothing, to do with the guy.


Whether it’s just not being her type or the state of her her love life at the moment, here are 10 common reasons why women reject men. Some may be completely out of a man’s control — while others are easily fixable issues.


She’s Not Interested In A Relationship


Contrary to every romantic comedy, Candace Bushnell column or episode of The Mindy Project, not every woman is on the hunt for a relationship at all times. Whether it is a busy work life, a hectic family life or the need to just be on her own for a while, there is just something keeping her from committing to a man and a long-term relationship. Just as men don’t want to get involved because it would be too much hassle at the present moment, it is the same for some women. You could be perfect together — she just isn’t interested in finding out right now.


You’re Coming On Way Too Strong


Calm down, Rocket. Your approach and tactics are stronger than a cup of espresso with a Red Bull chaser. Women like to be courted, but all the texting, emailing, calling and jumping up and down yelling “Meet me for drinks! Meet me for drinks!” is a major turnoff. Next time, keep it subtle — almost like you’re not even asking her out at all.


Many men will also get way too physical in the initial encounter, which is an immediate turnoff for most women, especially if they aren’t interested in the guy. Keep your hands to yourself.


You’re Too Much Like The Rest


She’s seen your type before, in fact, about three or four times just this morning. There is nothing about you that says, “This guy seems different than the hundred other men I’ve met” — and this has her disinterested in being anything other than acquaintances. After you move on, she’ll meet another guy just like you, and politely turn him down just the same.


She’s Been Watching You “Work”


If you’re in a public setting — a bar, office outing or just in the supermarket — women can instinctively tell when a guy is on the hunt. He’s making small talk with any woman who’ll make eye contact. It’s a huge turnoff for a woman to feel like she’s just next on the list of intended targets. There is a hint of desperation in your tactics and there is nothing that turns a woman off more than desperation.


There’s Someone Else


Sometimes life is all about timing. She’s not interested in your offer to buy her a drink or take her out to eat because there’s someone else in her life — it could be an ex-boyfriend, a crush on her coworker or she could be smack dab in the middle of a brand new relationship. It’s got nothing to do with you personally, you’re just late to the party.


You Only Seem Interested In The Physical


Women can tell within the first few exchanges with a man if he’s just interested in her for the sex. It’s the way you look at her, the jokes you make or the double entendres you sprinkle throughout the casual conversation. Even if you’re interested in more than just a physical relationship, all signs point to this being just a passing fling, and she’s just not interested in another one-and-done dude.


She Just Doesn’t See The Partner Potential


There is just something about you that doesn’t scream “the man a woman wants to marry.” It could be a certain vibe your giving off or it could just be her own instincts. Even if they can’t express it in words, there are certain attributes a woman looks for in a romantic relationship and you just don’t seem like you have those qualities. Now, it’s not fair to make assumptions about you with so little information, but women tend to stick to gut instincts and her gut tells her you’re not right for one another.


There Is Just Something About You


On more than one occasion, you’ve probably crossed paths with a person who for some reason or the other just rubbed you the wrong way. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but there was just something about their demeanor that turned you off.


This is completely out of your control, but some people are just turned off by other people. You remind her of an ex-boyfriend, or a boss she worked for years ago or maybe you’re a lot like her brother or a guy she was friends with in college. Whatever the case, there is just a quality you possess that’s like Kryptonite to her.


There Is Actually Nothing About You


You lack many of the attributes that women find desirable, or at the very least interesting, in a potential sexual partner. You’re just kind of… there. You lack confidence, you show little compassion, you’re not funny and display little evidence of a sense of humor. You’re just some random guy trying to ask her out. These are all things you can work on, and over time, can improve on.


You’re Just Not Her Type


This is going to hit you hard and is much more painful to accept than any of the points previously listed in this piece. Luckily, you’re a big boy, and should be able to take the news like a man.


Just as you have a specific type of woman (and she probably fits the bill, since you’re asking her out), women look for a certain type of man. You’re just not her type. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an unbelievable catch, the greatest man in the world and the person who could make her the happiest woman walking planet earth — you just don’t fit the mold of the man she’s looking to get with. It quite possibly has little to do appearance (fine, maybe slightly) but more to do with her individual preference in men.


She’s Just Not Into You… But So What?


It perfectly natural to take it personally when a woman isn’t interested in you romantically, but as the points above prove, it sometimes has little to do with you as an individual. It’s all about one person being attracted to the other, and vice versa, and sometimes it just isn’t in the cards. As the saying goes, “It’s better to try and fail than never to have tried at all.”

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Advanced Test-O-Boost - Straight Sale#1 Selling Testosterone Booster

The hormone testosterone is crucial in the physical growth and development experienced during our formative years, however this hormone continues to play a role in regulating these processes throughout our lives. Understanding the role of testosterone and the factors influencing its production can help to enhance the anabolic effect of this hormone, helping you to achieve more from your training.

Testosterone is one of the hormones most closely associated with the muscles of the body, and measuring its concentration has been proposed by researchers as a means of assessing the anabolic (muscle building) status of the body. Teand in turn influestosterone can act directly and indirectly on muscle tissue; it can affect growth hormone responsesnce protein synthesis. Testosterone can influence the nervous system resulting in adaptations that enhance the force production, enabling you to lift more weight during training. Finally testosterone acts directly on the muscle tissue itself to stimulate changes in size and strength. Increasing testosterone levels therefore, would suggest greater anabolic potential and its associated gains. ZMA is clinically proven to increase free testosterones, total testosterone and insulin-like growth factor.

Resistance training itself increases testosterone levels because anabolic hormones are involved in the adaptive process that follows training. Not all weight training programmes elicit the same response and so to maximize hormone release you should ensure your training involves large muscle group exercises, heavy resistance (80-90% 1RM), a moderate/high volume of exercise (multiple sets or multiple exercises), and short rest intervals between sets and exercises (30-60secs). Applying these principles to your training should help you harness the body’s anabolic response to exercise, and therefore allow you to make the maximum possible gains.

Increases in testosterone levels have been noted with high-intensity aerobic exercise, however this form of training is more typically associated with a decrease in muscle fibre size and any increases in testosterone levels may reflect an attempt by the body to induce protein synthesis to match protein loss. High-intensity aerobic training, even though resulting in increases in testosterone levels, should therefore be minimised if the overall goal is to increase muscle size and strength.

The body adapts to any stimulus, and each time this stimulus is presented the resultant effects are reduced, ultimately leading to a plateau in training. The same principle applies to hormonal release, if the same exercises and weights are used results will be limited. Varying the exercises , angles used, and loads will mean a greater amount of muscle fibres are stressed throughout the training period, maximising the potential for hormonal release and therefore gains. Testofen leads to an increase in testosterone production and is ideal for those wanting more strength and power.

Overtraining can blunt the training effect and is often associated with a reduction in performance. During a period of overtraining testosterone levels can decline, increasing the potential for lack of results and a regression of your training-induced gains. Make sure you allow sufficient rest between workouts that involve the same muscle groups, periodically cycle the intensity and volume of training, and allow a recovery week every 6-8 weeks.

The timing of your workout may also influence testosterone levels. In men, levels are usually highest in the morning and drop throughout the day. Since resistance training can acutely increase testosterone levels, a morning workout will obviously further increase this level, however training later in the day may be more effective at increasing overall testosterone levels over the whole day (Baechle & Earle, 2000).

Your lifestyle can also have an impact on testosterone levels. Stress promotes the production of the hormone cortisol which can reduce testosterone levels. Cortisol levels are normally kept in check by an enzyme (11beta-HSD) but in times of stress the amount of cortisol can exceed its suppressing capabilities, causing testosterone levels to fall (Hardy and Ganjam, 1997). Research has shown that the higher the levels of cortisol, the lower the levels of testosterone (Schweiger et al., 1999) which highlights the importance of keeping stress to a minimum.

Smoking and alcohol consumption both reduce testosterone concentrations so cutting these out of your lifestyle will help to keep testosterone levels boosted. Periods of sleep deprivation and heavy physical activity have also been shown to reduce testosterone levels, highlighting the importance of getting adequate rest and recovery, particularly during phases of heavy training. During these periods, take a product such as Tribulus Pro, which can elevate testosterone production and may help boost libido.

Diet is another factor that can influence your testosterone levels. Low carbohydrate intake (less than 5% of total calories) has been shown to reduce testosterone concentrations during periods of training as compared to a diet with equal total calories and higher carb content (Langfort et al., 2001). Ensure your carbohydrate intake is sufficient to support your training; recommendations for those involved in moderate-intensity training are 5-7g per kg of bodyweight, and 7-10g per kg of bodyweight during high-intensity training (Jeukendrup and Gleeson, 2004).

Consuming too much protein in relation to carbs can lower testosterone levels (Anderson et al., 1987), so ensure your diet contains roughly a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. Additionally, research has shown that a diet that contains insufficient fat may compromise testosterone levels and therefore the anabolic responses to training (Sallinen et al., 2004). Supplement your diet with vital ‘good fats’ like Super Omega 3, in order to ensure your fat intake is optimal.

Certain vitamins and minerals can play a role in testosterone levels, of which ZMA or Alpha Men are tried and tested solutions. Being deficient in the mineral selenium during a period of training has been shown to reduce testosterone levels (Fang et al., 1999). Selenium rich foods include cereals, nuts, animal products and legumes. If you feel your diet may be deficient in these foods, then you may consider increasing your intake.

Supplements such as Zinc & Magnesium are also great because Zinc supplementation has been shown to increase and maintain elevated testosterone levels among athletes and non-athletes during a period of training (Kilic, 2007; 2006). High zinc foods include oysters, shellfish, pine nuts and pecans, and wheat bran. Vitamins A and K (Shirakawa et al., 2006; Zadik, 2004) have also been shown to influence testosterone concentrations, so ensure your diet contains sufficient amount of these vitamins.

In addittion, it is important to always ensure you attain nutrients from natural food sources as well as high quality supplements and do not exceed the recommended doses of any vitamin or mineral.

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A slowing metabolism (the body’s engine) that has us burning less fuel as we get older can mean keeping body weight stable can be a major problem. But the easy way to stay in shape regardless of age is to use the right type of exercises.


It’s time to bring the science of fitness and weight loss out of the dark ages and apply a new understanding of proper exercise’s impact on hormones and metabolism. The link between the two is one that cannot be ignored any longer because, if the body’s fat burning and fat storing hormones are not balanced you will gain weight even if it is on the inside (internally) where you cannot see it placing you at a higher disease risk.


The hormone having the most influence on our metabolism is the master hormone Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is plentiful in our body before the age of 21 then we begin to produce less of it. By the time we are 40 nearly everyone is deficient in HGH and at age 80 our production has all but stopped.


This protein hormone affects the growth and repair of cells, bones, muscles and organs in all areas of the body. When deficient in HGH we experience accelerated aging and the symptoms include loss of muscle tissue and strength, weakening bones, decreased energy, an increase in body fat, decreased libido, a greater risk of disease and a lower life expectancy.


In other words, the symptoms we recognize as aging.


If you are attempting to lose weight and slow the rate of aging the most important thing you can do is to start a proper exercise program that contains big multi-joint exercises like the squat and dead lift. Your ultimate goal is to increase your metabolism which will increase the rate your body burns fuel 24 hours a day even when you are at rest. Think of it like putting your foot on the gas pedal of your car. We increase the revs and go faster.


That’s what you can do when you use these special exercises and perform them at the correct level of intensity (degree of effort used). Doing this will stimulate the release of the “fitness hormone” HGH which is the magic substance that will chew into your body’s fat stores and make you younger. And not just a little bit younger, a whole lot younger in every way.


Only these ‘big’ exercises that use multiple muscle groups all at once have the power to do this. Forget little bitty biceps curls and exercises that only work one or two muscles together. And certainly forget ‘cardio’ high repetition, low intensity type of activity. Don’t waste your time. Keep in mind that you need to CHALLENGE your body for it to change or improve.


The good thing is with an increased metabolism you will not only coax your body to burn more fat you will in turn create more energy since the burning of calories creates energy. This extra energy will be what fuels your workouts and will increase as you build up your strength. It’s a positive cycle of body strengthening.


What is most interesting is that a person does not have to bear hunger pangs and starve themselves half to death to lose weight by this method. Just do the right type of exercise that form the base of your exercise program and watch the magic happen.


It’s a sad fact that most doctors are primarily taught to treat disease rather than focus on health consciousness.  So, people need to become well-informed and eager to understand how they can participate in their own healthcare, even as basic as weight control and more importantly reducing disease risk and the right type of exercise is the key.


Using exercise to balance hormones is the most effective and permanent fat loss method available. Even if you have hit your 40’s or 50’s and the excesses of your younger days are starting to catch up with you – your properly structured exercise program will revitalize and bring about a healthier, young and more vital you..


Sure it’s not a quick fix, there is no such thing, but there is a slow fix: ramp up your exercise program with these big exercises and rev up your metabolism to burn more calories round the clock even when you are resting. It’s the manly thing to do, and the time to start is now.


Just go to the home page of this website and check out my Strong Men Stay Young program where I can share with you my 30 something years of experience in these types of exercises to help make you the healthiest man you can be.


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No pain, no gain is really a saying that all of us have heard one too many times and certainly have said ourselves. Although it naturally evokes a wincing that seems to come along with anything painful, it can also really just mean that something that is worth achieving is going to mean investing something, even if it is just a lot of time. That investment in of itself can seem painful, because these days, who has much time for anything else than what you are already doing?

But certainly when there is something that you really, really want then it is usually worth the time, investment, and pain that may have to be incurred. It’s just a matter of weighing your priorities and making up your mind. So whether it is to lose weight, or eat healthier, or to exercise more, you have to put in the time that is needed to really see the results that you want to see.

Well it will be no different if your real aim is to increase your penis size. No matter what the claims you read about in magazines or on the internet, this is one problem that is not going to be solved with just one pill, or just one cream, or just one device. Increasing your penis size is totally doable and does work, but you need to know one thing, and that is that it will take some time and some effort and some consistency.

There is a lot of information out there and it can certainly seem daunting on where to go and who to trust. But the folks who have developed the For Men Only CD™ are the experts on what exercises you can do in the privacy of your own home that will not only increase the size of your penis, but also increase the size of your penis head as well as give you more control over any premature ejaculations. All this is available, without having to resort to embarrassing trips to your doctors, or experiment with any invasive techniques or surgeries.

The For Men Only CD™ is all you need to ensure results that you will be completely satisfied with. The team of doctors and researchers that have worked extensively to bring you this information have combined ancient techniques and modern medical knowledge to create safe and effective penis extension techniques that you will not only find easy to use but that you will want to continue once you see the amazing results. This series of exercises is the most natural and most effective way to increase your penis size without any worry about side effects or doing any damage to your precious member.

No getting bored at the gym with repetitive, non effective exercises – no way. This CD will keep you on your toes until your woman comes home – which she will want to do way more often once she gets wind of the results as well. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?

For more information, go to ErectionFitness.com

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